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last updated at 2004-11-27 17:52
crschmidt: In which we learn that julie is really just downy-bearded
sbp: Downbeardina really wouldn't've caught on, IMO.
crschmidt: I wonder if there's any resource out there describing this kind of informaiton in RDF
crschmidt: If so, would it help parents name their children with a good inference engine and some nice family tree data, using the rel: schema?
crschmidt: "Your parents names were Rob and Bob. Therefore, you should name this child Downibeardia."
Talliesin_: Lots of parents give their kids names they don't know how to pronounce anyway (insert Jon's standard rant about how the English pronounce 'Deidre'). You need to solve that problem first :)
CloCkWeRX[dc]: rdfs:seeAlso via intermediary?
CloCkWeRX[dc]: Does anyone have any thoughts on the aforementioned issue?
danbri: See also UsingSeeAlso in the ESW wiki.
CloCkWeRX[dc]: My particular problem: urn:isbn:055384010X ... that's a valid URN according the RFC (3187)
CloCkWeRX[dc]: But how to get end users to know they can use my service to find out that information?
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