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last updated at 2004-11-15 21:23
Test suites
dajobe: that contains some un-checked-in CVS changes
DanC: 750 point bounty for anybody who can reproduce yosi's results independently.
Notation3 standardization (item G)
gk: I think "stabilization is maybe a more worthy goal than "standardization"; don't want to cramp further experimentation, etc. Also, there might be I18N issues if N3 were to go REC track.
logger: See discussion
DanC: a Notation3 test suite with multiple independent implementations is an interesting goal
DanC: we have cwm, swish incl N3Parser.hs , a Jena parser, dajobe's turtle stuff
gk: My Haskell stuff, frontpage is here:, parser is here:
AndyS: Euler
AndyS: Pychinko
sbp: And other older ones at Notation3 DesignIssue (h2: BNF Grammars and parsers)
JosD: some other ongoing work for Mozdev
gk: Chris Bizer's RAP stuff in PHP apparently includes N3
sbp: RAP just reuses some of my oldest N3 code, IIRC. Shame they didn't use afon!
sbp: No emergent consensus.
Notation3 :- idiom (agendum F)
gk: [GK] I use it (:-) to create an alias for whatever expression follows; especially the head of a list
Streaming RDF a la cwm --pipe -- should @prefix be allowed anywhere in a file? (Agendum E)
sbp: <gk> The idea of @prefix anywhere rather appeals to me. I use a derivation of N3 for the scripting language in Script -- re-uses a lot of parser software components, etc. The idea of @prefix anywhere fits kida nicely with that, I think.
Notation3 formal grammar (agendum D)
timbl: See n3.n3
logger: See discussion
DanC: see grammar/Makefile for many details
DanC: I hope to obsolete in favor of this work soonish; 1.1? but for now, the formal stuff only checks syntax; doesn't call the API yet.
timbl: No work done to test speed of parser.
timbl: Also generates a yacc file
DanC: interesting... Approximate turtle in BNF n3
dajobe: not annotated there are the things I took outof n3.n3 to make turtle.n3
AndyS: N3 grammar for ANTLR (Java, C#, C++)
Notation3 identifier syntax: what characters are allowed? (agendum C)
DanC: see bugs reports such as Notation3: The Great QName Survey
dajobe: Turtle issues on qnames
gk: I have sometimes found the lack of '-' in N3 qnames to be an inconvenience. It seems at odds with XML.
DanC: whether '-' is allowed in N3 names or not is definitely worth deciding explicitly in a test case
DanC: other interesting cases: _:a is a bNode and a legal qname in XML 1.1! says AndyS; :_firstName is an idiom I use when I'm lazy.
dajobe: also interesting - is ':' a (good/allowed) qname?
timbl: I have found the preence of "-" in qnames to be a pain because (1) it means you can't extend the language with math experssions without adding whitespaces;(b) you get this arbitrary question fo whether to use - or _ (or just camelCase) which gives an extra dimension to identifier arbitrariness
DanC: see also Syntax of QNames in N3 questionaire
sbp: Can we resolve this solely through the questionnaire? Is everybody just assuming that now and I'm the only one left wondering?
cwm ready for 1.0 release? (agendum B)
DanC: see cwm plans, release candidate 1 announcement, rc2 build/test log
yosi_: Does anyone have any bugs / comments / concerns with the cwm 1.0 release candidate?
DanC: sentiment from several is: yes, seems ready for 1.0
DanC: see ScheduledTopicChat, Notation3, cwm
DanC: we'll start with roll call/introductions, build an agenda for a bit, and then more or less focus on one thing at a time. duration around 90min, I think.
DanC: attendee Dan Connolly, W3C
yosi_: yosi_ plans to attend
timbl: Attendee Tim Berners-Lee
sbp: Attendee Sean B. Palmer.
AndyS: Attendee Andy Seaborne
crschmidt: Watching Christopher Schmidt
dajobe: Dave Beckett, here but eating dinner
gk: Graham Klyne, present and almost correct (or something)
DanC: next meeting: sbp to organize
DanC: 2004-12-13T16:30Z was proposed and 2nded
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