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last updated at 2004-11-06 23:58
danbri: eg. you can find properties with some specified domain.
danja: "Enter a URL to a list of sites you frequent like your blogroll, or upload the current subscriptions list from your favorite newsreader, and Technorati will help you to reorder the list, based on the time the sites were updated, and return the list in Attention.xml format. "
danja: Technorati - Sifry, Tantek & co
bblfish: ""
shellac: Baby Jesus cries when people don't use URIs for properties
shellac: commandline tools look nice
shellac: after using lucene this is hauntingly familiar
danbri: (to appear in IEEE Intelligent Systems, Jan05)
danbri: "We report on a recent study of the way FOAF and other semantic web ontologies are being used to describe people and their social relations."
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