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last updated at 2004-10-27 14:58
kendallc: Err, actually, a list of links to metadata about ISWC 2004 papers.
kendallc: Metadata which happens to be pretty much not reliably machine harvested.
danbri__: Wiki page, feel free to add/edit/improve. I googled the first few and it seems a good quantity of these papers are publically online, and Google can find them easily.
crschmidt: Since we don't have a scheduled meeting today, but I want to hear from people, I'm taking over #foaf at 12:30 EDT (16:30GMT) for a meeting to discuss menow needs/use cases/desires
crschmidt: If you have anything you want to toss in, be there, or toss it at me
crschmidt: Will send email to rdfweb-dev afterwards if anything comes of it
danbri__: regrets, but thanks for keeping things moving. Q: does menow have an equiv to AIM/iChat's onliner customisable current-status text? ("Busy","At semweb lifesci conference", "Go RedSox!" etc)?
libby: we're thinking we will probably be able to have a foaf meeting next wednesday
eaon: hmm i think we used to have it aim/ichat-like current status message - did somebody remove it or am i just dreaming?
crschmidt: Since the entire thing is a status, dc:description serves that role. If people want it for specific uses, bring it up then :)
kendallc1ark: SWOOP can load NCI ontology (takes a while) but is usable once it's loaded.
kendallclark: Danny Weitzner introduces the workshop and Tim Berners-Lee.
kendallclark: "We feel that we're really at a new point in the development of SW tech -- the problem is keeping SW apps working well together."
kendallclark: "Understand what W3C can do going forward to help SW apps in this area."
kendallclark: Sponsored by Infinity Pharmaceuticals and Network Inference (which just got $8M of VC)
kendallclark: "Tim is the designer of the Web and the driving technical force behind its development for the past 10 years." Wow, busy guy. :>
kendallclark: Tim takes podium.
kendallclark: "dramatically more effective" -- that's a high bar.
kendallclark: [relatively big crowd]
kendallclark: "SW: doing for KR what WWW did for hypertext"
kendallclark: "webizing KR"
kendallclark: "KR" -- knowledge representation
kendallclark: "the semantic web has passed the test of independent invention"
kendallclark: "Semantic Web art -- taking all the data that exists and mapping it into RDF and ontologies"
kendallclark: "a machine can grab a piece of OWL and..." whee!
kendallclark: "weak point of the whole thing is control over the names" -- i.e., attempts to own DNS, basically
kendallclark: "awareness of where data comes from becomes v. important"
kendallclark: So let's fix RDF, then! :>
kendallclark: (Some of the facts in this chump are my additions, not things uttered. I tried to put those things outside of quotes.)
kendallclark: Question about "Smeantic Web browser?"
kendallclark: Longwell from Simile.
kendallclark: Haystack
kendallclark: Ontaria
kendallclark: SWOOP -- but Tim won't mention that one.
kendallclark: Ooh, Tim gets onto something really interesting: ontology annotations for apps to display them, stuff beyond rdfs:label
kendallclark: he's precisely right about this one. We've kicked some ideas around at Mindlab about this.
AndyS: SWED - Semantic Web Environmental Directory - part of SWAD-e
kendallc1ark: SWOOP can load NCI ontology (takes a long time) but is usable once it's loaded.
kendallc1ark: Has some explanation mechanisms now.
kendallc1ark: Is an Annotea client, so that ontology changesets can be shared, annotated, etc.
crschmidt: Edd's server is not working for me, so this is one way to look at the schema.
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