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last updated at 2004-10-25 21:42
dajobe: with SPARQL
crschmidt: a good starting point to get some automatic RDF out of music (e.g. "this piece sounds like this onther one") based on the MPEG-7 format
GiovanniT: also includes mp3 or wav to mpeg-7 conversion capabilities
sbp: Which really should be (and possibly is) configurable in its URI posting syntax. It's unrealistic to expect users to remember that there's a chump bot in the channel, especially for new users. Not that it matters--the accidentally chumped URIs are part of #rdfig heritage now, and welcome whimsy!
dajobe: it's a hint that this is a public forum. if you mention a URI, people or software may look at it
sbp: Which is fine, but you shouldn't expect to have to clean up after yourself. It's rather a POST vs. GET thing--mentioning URIs has side-effects in this channel, so it shouldn't be a trivial action.
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