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last updated at 2004-10-13 22:16
libby: including some interesting (and much appreciated) evaluation feedback
Foaf project meeting item 4 (H) foaf:interest and related properties
libby: see some discussion and thread
libby: and Ian's blog entry on the subject
mortenf: ACTION mortenf: get usage count for foaf:interest and foaf:topic_interest off jim's 6.7M triple dump
iand: ACTION iand: investigate interest synonyms
iand: ACTION iand: write up current usage of interest and topic_interest
Foaf project meeting agenda item 3 (G) various image-related properties and classes and suitability in foaf namespace
libby: see recent message Jim/cam and older message from Morten
mortenf: postponed
Foaf project meeting itme agenda item 2 (F) rdfs:Resource as range in the foaf spec
libby: see brief summary/chat from earlier
libby: see previous discussion
libby: action libby summarise this discussion to email
gk: See also:
Foaf meeting agenda item 1 (E) new website
mortenf: see previous notes
libby: and new site design
mortenf: suggestion: add link for h2 or make entire top section a link per danbri's suggestion
libby: nicole's todo list
bengee: do others alos have the "Flash of Unstyled Content" effect on ie?
iand: yes, I see flash too
libby: move to rss 1.0 rather than (or maybe as well as) 2.0)
libby: jim's problem with menu too small to read, main text a bit small
libby: action danbri put foaflets on foaf site
libby: attending Libby Miller
mortenf: Morten attending
balbinus: Vincent attending
inkel: inkel attending
sh1mmer: Tom (aka Sh1mmer) attending
kasei: kasei attending
iand: Ian attending
nicole: nicole attending
bengee: attending: bengee
CaptSolo: CaptSolo attending
JibberJim: Jim Ley Attending
captainjim: James Carlyle Attending
danbri_dna: Mentioned to me this morning by some exporters I met (here in Shanghai). It's sort of a directory of companies who want to be matched up with partner companies.
danbri_dna: Lots of SemWebbish themes, trust, directories etc. in this application area. Hence posting it here. Don't have very collected thoughts on it yet.
danbri__: Nice work Eric, Andy and the rest of the DAWG :)
danbri: See also my Dublin Core “RDF idiom conversion rules” in SPARQL experiment.
masaka: An experimental form to generate a metadata as valid RDF/XML. Also makes GRDDL compatible XHTML meta elements.
masaka: not a big issue for advanced users, but maybe useful for beginners and those who don't remember namespace uris.
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