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last updated at 2004-10-04 15:18
peepo: an example of its use is here:
mortenf: wn:Neighborhood is an rdfs:Class, according to wn:Neighborhood, but is used as a property in this example
mortenf: one way out of this would be to say <rdf:type rdf:resource=""/> instead
mortenf: ... and then use some label, e.g. foaf:name or rdfs:label, for the neighborhood name
mortenf: since it's a pub, not a neighborhood, that's being described, ...<foaf:based_near><wn:Neighborhood><foaf:name>Covent Garden</foaf:name></wn:Neighborhood></foaf:based_near>... instead of the current wn:Neighborhood property seems more like it
earle: I've patched OpenGuides::RDF to reflect this. It'll be in the next release. Thanks for the spot.
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