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last updated at 2004-09-30 16:14
danbri_dna: "This document defines a concise bounded description of a resource in terms of an RDF graph, as an optimal unit of specific knowledge about that resource to be utilized by, and/or interchanged between, semantic web agents."
danbri_dna: Good to see this written up and published. I'm not sure about 'optimal', but I can definitely see merit in having such a facility available in RDF toolkits.
Talliesin: I'm not sure about "optimal" either. I do see the term CBD becoming part of a "pattern language" when people are discussing what is or isn't in a given serialisation.
mortenf: I've found that including label(s) and type(s) is useful, see librdfutil and Concise Bounded Resource Descriptions in Redland/MySQL
dajobe: announced today
DanC: excellent. Or... hmm... another dangerously distracting time-sink? ;-)
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