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last updated at 2004-09-27 18:44
peepo: problem is the article doesn't have a decent byeline
crschmidt: Original available here
DanC: reasonably cogent comment: this could be really cool, but I imagine that this could have some very adverse effects on privacy given the amount of information that finds itself on the web. ... like any powerful technology, it will have both good and bad consequences. Here's hoping for the good.
DanC: there's some total noise, of course, but there is some nay-saying that's hard to argue against, e.g. The fact that Tim has been trying for 15 years to sell this idea with little success indicates that he approach is insufficient.
DanC: "Second System Effect" comments are also hard to counter
danbri_dna: Jim Hendler just reminded me of TimBL's What a semantic Web can represent doc (aka 'what RDF/SW is not'), which seems relevant.
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