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last updated at 2004-09-16 17:43
chaalsNCE: Didn't work for me in Safari. will try it in something else. OmniWeb gave em an alert "Not XML document, or not valid, or some other problem - I give up" (or words to that effect.
libby: this is the working version (svg)
jeen: lots of bugfixes and some major improvements, including a new Graph API, a SeRQL syntax revision, and a native disk store backend.
danbri_dna: "What did the Semantic Web have to do with the war in Iraq? Not enough, says Jim Hendler"
danbri_dna: '"The beginning of the Iraqi operation was postponed for weeks because information systems couldn't be made interoperable in the time required," said Hendler. "Systems couldn't talk to one another." It was a problem, he says, that a Semantic Web framework could have solved.'
danbri_dna: "Most of the applications under discussion did (or will do) specific, concrete things: they enabled industry and government to effectively share information; they tracked deadbeat dads; they looked through piles of data for terrorists. In contrast, the topic of privacy was rarely broached, and no projects were focused on putting data into the hands of citizens."
danbri_dna: Would anyone be interested in a BOF on SemWeb, War and Peace? Maybe at Hiroshima ISWC2004?
danbri_dna: BOF being 'birds of feather' session / topical discussion / etc.
An RDF query I'd like to be able to do
danbri_dna: Find all the things that are a foaf:PersonalProfileDocument and that declare themselves to be signed by (some specified pgp key).
danbri_dna: Hmm that'd include docs that lied. So "and that _are_ signed by"
danbri_dna: See Edd's page re the wot vocab, which could probably do with extending/revisiting.
danbri_dna: Wondering how this relates to DAWG discussion re source/provenance in the QL
danbri_dna: The issue I'm getting at, should refine the example, is that I want bits of the query to only be matched in graphs that have certain characteristics, hence need for src stuff.
danbri_dna: Maybe, "find me things that are depictions of danbri according to danbri (whose pgp key is ...)"
danbri_dna: Earlier use case writeup re passport photos is related.
crschmidt: Does pgp signing declare who is doing the signing?
danbri_dna: I'm not sure what you can determine from the .asc files
danbri_dna: Eg. danbri-foaf.rdf.asc was from signing danbri-foaf.rdf (though may be stale)
crschmidt: I think wot:assurance needs some kind of email to check the signature with? as such, you don't need to specify the pgp key, just the email address of the owner of the key (i think?)
crschmidt: For example, to test that that document signature is accurate, I need to know which email address you signed it with, after which I can get your key from a trusted server, and then verify the signature
danbri_dna: Depends how much we want to make explicit in the RDF, versus leaving in the PGP layers. But yeah, I think could be more helpful / explicit, definitely.
crschmidt: FOAFBot did assurance stuff - "danbri'ss nick according to danbri, libby, and 4 anonymous others" -- the others were those who had not signed their files, I believe
libby: benjee used it last night for finding foaf stats - looks good
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