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last updated at 2004-09-14 17:38
crschmidt: rel=alternate
crschmidt: Also linked from the very bottom, right corner
Giving chump a sense of history
chaalsNCE: I want to chump to look somewhere to see if things got chumped already.
chaalsNCE: So get a bot to put things that are chumped into an annotea server with a pointer to the chump record as the annotation body.
chaalsNCE: And when things get chumped, check if there are other chumps on the same thing, and include pointers to them.
chaalsNCE: Wondering if this makes sense. Chumpbot, how do you feel writing about yourself?
libby: whwhwhwh does this, sorta, see logs
chaalsNCE: Developed at INRIA.
libby: chatting to Anders Ardö about it earlier at ECDL 2004
chaalsNCE: I think this is now complete, in English and Spanish - leaving them as final draft for a few days in case comments come in from participants etc...
P2P and RDF links
bblfish: Storm uses RDF
bblfish: SemWeb and P2P at European level
bblfish: Edutella an RDF based metadata infrastructire for JXTA
logger: See discussion
crschmidt: if anyone has any suggestions as to how to solve my problem, I'm open to suggestions.
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