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last updated at 2004-09-13 18:52
chaalsNCE: The use case is based in EARL. I am wondering if I can write the OWL rules needed. Any help or comments gratefully appreciated (by mail please)
chaalsNCE: So far I am confident that it can be done, but not confident that I am getting it right...
shellac: Jena Rules can be seen in Jena CVS
shellac: eg owl.rules
shellac: The jena rules syntax is pretty easy
crschmidt: Created a while ago, but was (I thought) designed to be easy to swap between ontologies
crschmidt: Not sure about under the hood, am poking joeldg (author) for more info on how it works (and source)
crschmidt: The data this is on is supremely messed up, so I won't even bother to do counts for them. The data is a combination of FOAF and the data from the wh4 scutterplan
crschmidt: Good for providing a general idea of what's in use.
Talliesin: But the links are so simple, and they're allowed to be broken! It'll never work! :)
Talliesin: On another note, can we have #swhack's chumping syntax. It's harder to trigger accidentally. And if you do it's generally worth having chumped anyway.
danbri4now: (ab)use the !/_*+ source, luke...
danbri4now: (i cant find pipe symbol on this japanese keyboard, thereby making your point, sorta... ;)
crschmidt: From the julie bot who I'm working on at the moment, this is a list of properties which are a parent of foaf:Person
crschmidt: Does not include any FOAF properties, as that's kind of obvious
crschmidt: Seems that the specific arena FOAF chose to forgo is the most popular one: Relationships. Two relationship schemas and xfn are most popular
crschmidt: Oh, and of course, we can't forget quaffing
crschmidt: Some of the counts are a bit out of proportion - if my foaf file lists them, there are a bunch of them right now, Redland isn't cooperating with me. (I'm working on it.)
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