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last updated at 2004-09-08 21:35
mattb: via some scripting, i submitted to delicious every picture in picdiary that has wordnet or foaf:name depiction tagging
mattb: generating tags from the wordnet:Words, the foaf:names and the rss:channels
mattb: so pics from www2004 becomes, generated from its RSS
mattb: and various features such as search by keyword that i never quite implemented come along for free
DanC: hmm... interesting.
DanC: 1st reading assignment is the HTTP spec. That's 176 pages (in IETF plain-text style).
dajobe: api, wsdl, soap, java, python, sesame, axis, soap, gemet, demo, web service, report, soap, cgi bin, javadoc, soap
dajobe: Demo of RDF Thesaurus, with a bit of SOAP
dajobe: no this is a web service. not part of the web, as such.
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