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last updated at 2004-09-03 17:22
MarkB: " serves as a root for URIs that denote entities - like geographical properties and geometric points - that are not web resources"
MarkB: hmm, sounds like web resources to me!
timbl: Architcturally broken -- seems to use the same URIs for mathematical objects and web pages.
timbl: is a lemon.
MarkB: httpRange-14 combatants, unite!
danbri: The rdfmap stuff is really cool though!
Talliesin: More post-Galway thoughts.
crschmidt: I think this is something with a definite need - I have already had problems where two people smushed to the same person
crschmidt: LiveJournal foaf files should use it (if i could get them changed, which i probably can't), since some livejournal documentation recommends using as a homepage - which is clearly non-unique
Talliesin: pjz and leighd nicely kill half the ontology's use case
Talliesin: And that half of the ontology comes back to life Game On!
Talliesin: Eh, a document with a few ideas, which happen to be about storing archived versions of ontologies.
Talliesin: See also discussion in #foaf
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