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last updated at 2004-08-23 17:28
Why does PEAR require each package to go in exactly one category?
DanC: communities make this mistake over and over. The debian categories are pretty much invisible to the user, finally.
DanC: cf What to leave out... Subject in Hypertext Style: Cool URIs don't change
DanC: see PEAR - PHP Extension and Application Repository
logger: See discussion
mattb: i was talking to one of the perl CPAN maintainers and he was saying that if he could go back and change one thing set in stone about it, he would not use hierarchy
DanC: see also SoftwarePackaging
DanC: hmm... software package names are somewhat like WikiWords in that they're both user interface and URI.
DanC: i.e. the way one software package refers to another is by a name that's visible in the source code. renaming is somewhat costly, but it's not completely avoided.
Aredridel: I think URIs are always on the edge of user interface. Not their primary function, but it's tempting to use them that way.
DanC: yes, quite; it's a tension that's always there.
balbinus: Created using balbinus's DOAP-a-matic
balbinus: Who is very proud to see his little DOAP light on (thanks crschmidt) in his Firefox :)
KjetilK: The CSS Checker is somewhat outdated
balbinus: New URL ( gives you a 301)
balbinus: Also "corrected" Useful, Inc. URL (now gives a 301)
crschmidt: Vocabulary for describing a project
balbinus: From Edd
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