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last updated at 2004-08-11 16:34
peepo: something a little like foaf for people with learning difficulties
ESW wiki and weblog temporarily offline
danbri: Am investigating. I think someone may be upgrading Apache.
danbri: And we're ... back. Apache restarted, learned about its new IP address, belatedly.
chaalsMEL: Hmm, still no worky for me (from Australia) - If I go to the root page I get a semwalker form (well, a text input box, a submit button, in a page that says "Semwalker"). If I look for pages I still get nothing. Maybe it's just mirroring issues or DNS or something :-(
danbri: The box isn't mirror'd but could be DNS propagation.
crschmidt: Current IP seems to be if the page is supposed to say "you might be looking for..." etc. However, the machine seems to have virtual hosts, so going to the ip directly just gives you a basic "go to the sw w3 page" link
danbri: yes, vhosted.
Apple users updating to java 1.4.2_05 and using protégé
bblfish: make sure you delete plugin
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