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last updated at 2004-08-09 20:04
crschmidt: Eric Vitiello
crschmidt: Replaced by the newer schema
crschmidt: "Added the following properties: lostContactWith, knowsOf, wouldLikeToKnow , knowsInPassing, knowsByReputation, closeFriendOf, hasMet, worksWith, colleagueOf , collaboratesWith, employerOf, employedBy, mentorOf, apprenticeTo, livesWith, neighborOf , grandparentOf, lifePartnerOf, engagedTo, ancestorOf, descendantOf, participantIn, participant"
crschmidt: Working towards creating a script for this
crschmidt: Delicious tag dump at
crschmidt: Okay, this should really use URIs - I've added them, using the general delicious tags so they aren't user specific
crschmidt: I'll write a script for this later, right now I'm just doing a quick command line hack to generate it
crschmidt: By using the general tag, we ensure that the categories will be smushable, so all the delicious skos we see can be aggregated to generate a giant list of the tags used on delicious in rdf form
crschmidt: Thoughts appreciated
crschmidt: Now includes "narrowerInstantive" with user-specific info
crschmidt: See also bash script for generating skos data from tags
logger: See discussion
danbri: See yesterday's notes. Now with TODO list.
danbri: I'd like to be able to cross-link between Wordpress/SKOS category scheme and Wordpress/FOAF person descriptions, so a crawler could scoop up all your friends, contacts etc categories. And then hack the RSS1 generator to allow clients to request items only under certain categories based on this.
danbri: If anyone has a Wordpress blog and wants to test this, might be a good way to get some experimental data...
danbri: TODO: link from Wordpress wiki somehow
danbri: More sample data: crschmidt's data.
danbri: Now we have two sample data category schemes, how can we map between them?
crschmidt: More sample data: bkdelongs's data.
danbri: OK danbri:c8 is 'technology', Chris's c5 is 'Technical', bkdelong's c11 is 'Technology'. Heh, who'da thunk it? ;)
danbri: SKOS is the latest in a long line of RDF vocabularies for representing thesaurus (etc) data., ie. webs of linked concepts. It is a scruffier form of KR than formal ontologists, and maps well both to digital library systems and to simple home-grown hierarchical classifications such as used in bookmarks/weblogs etc.
danbri: I've been goofing around with such structures since I got into RDF, as have various other folk. SKOS is definitely the most polished piece of work in this tradition. It started in SWAD-Europe project and is finding a home in W3C Semantic Web Best Practices Working Group lately.
danbri: Sample data: danbri's categories.
danbri: I updated the code a bit, and added a few more notes etc., fixed some bugs. Next stop: RDF/XML?
karlcow: (in French) a very basic introduction to the notion of graph and RDF for everyone without technical knowledge.
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