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last updated at 2004-08-04 20:45
Constraints, Capabilities, Rules, and Policies
DanC: Dec 2001 P3P/APPEL/N3 work
DanC: swap/p3p stuff
logger: See discussion
DanC: ref APPEL spec
DanC: esp Figure B.1: "Almost Anonymous" Ruleset
DanC: workshop CFP says papers are due August 27
DanC: WSPolicy
DanC: I'm hoping the Frameworks and Applications point will resonate.
A couple RDF Calendar plans/ideas
logger: See discussion
golbeck: Foafbot has a very general semantic web introduction, and there are about 5 hacks (out of 100 in the book) that deal with semantic web technologies and IRC
golbeck: in case the title didn't give it away, the book is part of the "Hacks" series by O'Reilly
golbeck: Trustbot and WSbot, both hanging out on this channel, are written up with code in the book.
libby: see also his RDF ical documentation
libby: and his online RDF ical converter
libby: also: what colour should the shirt be? I think orange.
libby: what do you think?
libby: possible tshirt colours
mmealling: Something that Michael Mealling is doing in his spare time that has nothing to do with RDF or the Internet at all
chaalsMEL: Looks like more fun than trying to merge EARL versions ...
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