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last updated at 2004-06-25 23:29
crschmidt: Old post, but not yet implemented ;)
crschmidt: Perhaps a bluetooth schema needs to be recreated, as jibberjim's bluetooth schema has gone by the wayside.
crschmidt: Anyone know any good resources on symbian programming in linux?
eaon: from vakYpollo: SymbianSDK on Linux (note, to extract data from the .cab file, use cabextract)
crschmidt: This already exists on the computer end, with edd's bluefoaf
crschmidt: However, I'm pretty sure BlueFOAF didn't make anything automatic, and required manual matching from Device -> Person
Wack: Part of a larger 'business' schema package
Wack: I'm thinking of removing the UBL-specific datatypes and stick to generic XSD datatypes for things like identifiers, any opinions?
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