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last updated at 2004-06-15 22:17
jhendler: Part I - no mention of FOAF
jhendler: but supposedly in part II (tomorrow) there will be mention of some of this
jhendler: sem web stuff
DanC: in other news, pigs fly. This has been pending (with W3C) since at least 14 Jun 2000 when Issue mime-types-for-rdf-docs was raised. IANA seems to have dealt with it in a pretty timely manner.
AaronSw: Wow, four years to the day!
dajobe-lap: setup guide
dajobe-lap: PDF of talk from WWW2004
DanC: now featured on the homepage in rotation
crschmidt: used to create
chaalsNCE: Draft report of the workshop "Introducción a la Web Semántica" (in spanish)
chaalsNCE: english draft version also available
chaalsNCE: Being written across two languages - spanish version is probably more up to date while they are in drafts
chaalsNCE: latest version is the spanish one just published. Enough for tonight, but watch this space :-)
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