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last updated at 2004-06-12 17:38
danbri: "This specification represents one part of the approach being developed within DIWG for the provision of a markup language that supports creation of web sites that can be used from a wide variety of devices with a wide variety of characteristics."
danbri: I had no idea this was in the works. Surely has some relationship to XQuery and RDF DAWG, but I'm not sure how. They use subset of xpath 1.
danbri: Example: <p sel:expr="dc:cssmq-width('px') &gt; 200"><object src="image1"/></p>
danbri: My first reaction is that this language is overkill, but that's maybe unfair. Perhaps if someone had an XSLT implementation I'd be less wary.
danbri: "It is anticipated that, in future,additional sets of functions that will be defined for more comprehensive access to the delivery context. The delivery context is essentially a set of metadata. Representations of delivery context, such as [CC/PP], use appropriate technologies such as RDF[RDF Primer]. Additional sets of functions developed in future for access to the delivery context are expected to provide interfaces that ref
danbri: "...[as] metadata while still hiding the details of the underlying representation."
danbri: Sounds like lightweight-ness is a major factor (running on phones etc.). Wondering if DAWG are treating that as a priority.
danbri: I've dropped a note to the SW Coordination Group about this, given the RDF/query mentions...
dajobe: (oopsie, missing T in the actual post title :)
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