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last updated at 2004-06-10 20:24
libby: just a start!
libby: for the Semantic Web Best Practices working group apps and demos taskforce
libby: more information on the ESW wiki
libby: if you add more at the bottom of this page, I'll probably add them to the weblog
libby: we're hoping to GRDDL out RDF from them - see libby's mail to the SWBP group for the html template used
libby: not actually written the XSLT yet mind
libby: suggestions welcome :)
dajobe: warning, SVG
shellac: and html
shellac: and pdf
dajobe: the html has SVG in it
shellac: A very good overview of RDF by Ivan Herman
mortenf: Input: GPS tracklog, photo descriptions
mortenf: sample tracklog (including waypoints)
mortenf: partial so far...
libby: by Masahide Kanzaki
libby: won the rdf exif schema 'beauty contest'
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