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last updated at 2004-04-09 19:15
DanC: Researchers should be writing plugins for widely-used open source applications, such as the Mozilla Web browser, instead of developing prototypes from scratch.
DanC: Open source developers should be scouring academic publications for ideas, rather than simply duplicating the user interfaces in commercial products.
DanC: [Semantic Web] Evangelists suggest that by making human knowledge machine-readable, computers can help us in smarter ways. This makes sense, but it doesn't explain how that knowledge is captured and converted in the first place. Argh! Which evangelists? I'm certainly spending 99.9% of my time working on the balance between effort and reward for people.
DanC: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
DanC: cited by danbri in a recent message to sw-meaning
DanC: hmm... Knowledge is justified true belief. in Episemology
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