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last updated at 2004-03-30 18:43
DanC: W3C Working Draft 24 March 2004
DanC: I hope to read this soon. I'm interested to know of other #rdfig folk that have read it
MarkB: I don't buy the premise of choreography; "This means that the sender and receiver of a message know and agree in advance: ... The sequence and conditions in which the messages are exchanged." - nope, I don't think so
Arnia: Currently missing EBNF and detail descriptions of statement and expression syntax/semantics but these can be inferred from standard ECMAScript equivalents
Arnia: Comments welcome, debugging especially. Please report all conceptual inconsistencies or problems so they may be ironed out for the next draft
DanC: hmm... how to shorten the path from the swig blog?
DanC: is this supposed to be outward-facing? if so references like "WP5" need links or explanation
DanC: a FAQ in the form of a sequence of articles, rather than one big list, is interesting.
dajobe: how to shorten the path? ask me, mattb or edd
libby: attending (the Memories for life session): Ian Horrocks, Nigel Shadbolt, Wendy Hall and many more non-swebby people. and me...
dajobe: binary XML or not? vote now
dajobe: co-incidently, Fabl (D: today) uses a binary RDF format for storage
dajobe: this looks pretty neat, javascript like lang, rdf/owl full types and classes, should be pretty fast.
dajobe: I've no time to play with it right now
dajobe: URIs are not fabricated to denote [things]. Instead, each is endowed with a description that uniquely identifies it.
Arnia: An open-source, distributed, transactional RDBMS
Arnia: Uses novel techniques to ensure stability and security of data whilst having good performance even over a WAN (according to the blurb this is)
Arnia: Perhaps worth looking into for strategies for maintaining information across the distributed, placeless semantic web
on cwm and rdflib APIs
DanC: discussion starting 23:37
DanC: I took, a cwm API client, and ported it to the rdflib API
DanC: the result was roughtly 2x faster in 2 cases. (1 second versus 2)
danbri_dna: Nearby: the resulting code
DanC: cwm should change 'pred' to 'predicate'. and the() should raise ValueError, not call assert()
DanC: rdflib should learn about each/any/the. cwm should change statementsMatching() to triples()
DanC: and rdflib should support RDF.type as well as (in stead of?) RDF.["type"]
eikeon: RDF.type already added to rdflib-2.0.2 to be release this evening
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