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last updated at 2004-01-31 21:39
dajobe: release notes
dajobe: new overview of storage modules
dajobe: which describes the new MySQL store
dajobe: also provides Turtle
dajobe: tarballs, rpms, debs all available
sbp: Colophon:
sbp: <sbp> Semantic Web fan at all, Uthasnor?
sbp: <Uthasnor> Maybe subconsciously. What IS the Semantic Web?
sbp: <sbp> just a plan to make more data machine-readable so that we don't have to do silly tasks such as copying conference data off of HTML pages and into our PDAs
sbp: <sbp> but some people think it's more than that
sbp: <sbp> and they sorta bust their balls over trying to bring it down or something, which is kinda strange. it's like trying to bring down thyme
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