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last updated at 2004-01-29 22:41
Jhendler: apologies for putting this here, but wanted to share some irony
Jhendler: 1971 Doonesbury strip - more relevant today than ever
Jhendler: ok, sorry - return your earlier hacking
DanCon: which is annotated to authorize an RDF/XML representation
DanCon: starting from RFC2445, we use to produce this XHTML version
DanCon: which includes a GRDDL link to webize2445.xsl whence comes the RDF/XML version
DanCon: various issues around unique names (url is both a property name and a value type), capitalization, hyphenation in progress in order to sync with other RDF calendar work
DanCon: see also GRDDL spec, with zero-install demo and such
DanCon: part of DanC's work on TAG issue RDFinXHTML-35
karlcow: """A long-running goal of mine is to write a image gallery for my web page, so the screenshot and photo galleries can have categories, titles, dates, etc. Being a fan of metadata, XML, Dublin Core etc, I've planned to do this by embedding the metadata into the image files instead of relying on a database."""
karlcow: """So I'm announcing PyPNG! A very small and rather poor Python (plus a smidge of C to do CRCs) library with grand ambitions. At the moment I can copy a PNG file (by reading the chunks, and then writing them again), display the text chunks, et la piece de resistance: a tool to set the content of an arbitary text chunk! PNGs with embedded RDF, here I come."""
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