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last updated at 2004-01-17 19:40
JosD: by Silva, P. P. d.; McGuinness, D. L.; & Fikes, R. E. A
JosD: Technical Report, Knowledge Systems Laboratory, Stanford University., 2004.
danbri: Nearby, W3C's Semantic Web Services Interest Group is discussing such topics...
JosD: nice and great work!
JosD: was wondering about a question about the API of Inference Web
DanCon: on the subject of XHTML/RDF and such
DanCon: license appears to be OpenSource, BSD-ish
DanCon: is there a creative commons license that matches? hmm...
DanCon: ... whole-program optimizing Standard ML (SML) compiler
DanCon: ... Untagged native integers and reals, and unboxed native arrays ...
DanCon: continuations, finalization, heap save and restore, interval timers, random numbers, resource limits, resource usage, signal handlers, system logging, threads, weak pointers
DanCon: we're wondering if cwm implements the Rete algorithm
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