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last updated at 2004-01-09 23:15
mdupont: DanCon: -- convert tab-separated address book stuff to ldif
danbri: As submitted to W3C.
danbri: Gives a brief overview of the language, plus a grammar for RDQL's syntax.
dajobe: oops, the <SUCHTHAT> terminal is not defined
DanCon: see also Team Comment on the RDQL Submission
dajobe: bug [[AND ::= 'AND']] should be [[ SUCHTHAT ::= 'AND' ]]
dajobe: maybe also <SUCHTHAT> should be added to Identifier, like all the other word terminals
dajobe: as mortenf says, the first Identifier should be IDENTIFIER
Talliesin: A "just enough education to perform" guide to Unicode and ISO 10646 for authors of XML parsers and other software that processes XML.
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