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last updated at 2004-01-07 23:41
DanCon: Chris Menzel to the SCL folk about some OS X apple tools... one for RemotePresence except... ToMacOrNotToMac
dajobe: it's turtles all the way down
dajobe: after Planet RDF slogan
dajobe: formerly N-Triples Plus (working name)
dajobe: or the quote after Hawking or Russell
dajobe: it is of course, implemented in Raptor but that was before I renamed it
bryce: Volunteered as a repository of example images for experimenting with annotation.
libby: uses lightweight webservices, and jim ley's js rdf parser. IE and moz only. more info
libby: searchig the image data
bryce: Demo of Fotonotes
bryce: <GregElin> The way the current code behind is this designed is that you could put different "display engines" in. So instead of javascript rollovers and dhtml, you could use render the image as an image map and use alt tags.
DanCon: Should I use somebody else's vocabulary of terms or make my own?
logger: See discussion
photo and conference annotation UI meeting, 2004-01-07 1600UTC, #rdfig
libby: i.e. here, today, about 2 hours' time
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