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last updated at 2003-12-29 05:14
DanC: by Mark Pilgrim December 17, 2003
DanC: found this while trying to add HTTP digest or basic auth to a CGI program
DanC: ew... and, because of the way Apache works, CGIs can't implement digest authentication on their own
DanC: wow... Bob Hosted can't do basic auth in cgi programs, but he can use other HTTP auth mechanisms!
DanC: sigh... X-WSSE
DanC: hmm... the X-WSSE header isn't in the OASIS WSSE spec
DanC: nearby: The Atom API assumes only that the end user knows her home page. It relies on a link tag in the head element of the home page that points to an Atom introspection file. one for EmbeddingRdfInHTML
DanC: hmm... the Atom API looks like a use case for RDF query.
DanC: ah... good... search in the Atom API uses GET.
DanC: hmm... I gather the Atom API is still in flux, and these articles are from one developer's view
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