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last updated at 2003-12-19 23:09
dajobe: we noticed this 2003-12-09
dajobe: pathetic, inaccessible, bad. It looks pretty and that's it.
dajobe: strike that. The fonts are a mess too.
danbri: From musicbrainz wiki, notes on voting, moderation etc of music metadata
sandro_: very nice.
danbri: With discussion of DanC's question about MB album metadata lookups.
libby: Chris Goad sent me this, thinking it might be useful for the image WWW2004 conf project
libby: it's a client -side scripting API for locating poinbts on a map. There's a very cute example at the bottom of that page.
libby: uses javascript and flash
libby: "PointMapper, like our other products, is free for non-commercial use. The fee for commercial use is $400/year per server"
dajobe: by Tim Bray ... even thinking about that many namespaces gives me a headache.
ndw: But luckily norm doesn't have to think about that many namespaces as the great big pile is an artifact of aggregation. The important data is all in quite managable pieces.
WWW2004 image db meet agenda item: high level description
libby: of system not project
libby: Greg to have a bash at this
WWW2004 image db meet agenda item: where do we put it all?
libby: GregElin>Sure, Libby. I'll talk first with Ben, Mike, Stu, and see how to pursue. I'm not worry. We'll come up with a temporary home in Jan-Feb/March and then migrate to a permament home.
libby: <swh>We have a machine that can be used for RDF storage, but its probably not good for interactive web stuff
libby: <mc>i have the xserve we can use for the web interaction stuff, if there's a need
Jhendler: available for evaluation. but an early release
Jhendler: Mindswap image demo
WWW2004 image db meet agenda item: licensing issues
libby: action libby ask aaron swartz about advice on a CC license
libby: <GregElin>libby and greg will follow up with creative commons on license
libby: <danbri>so there's licensing terms for the image by its owner, ditto for metadata (possibly same/different party); and also privacy etc issues re the person(s) depicted in image?
WWW2004 image db meet agenda item: mailing list and wiki
libby: <danbri>action: danbri to request w3c list / archive for this project
WWW2004 image db meet agenda item: volunteers required
libby: <dajobe> dunno if this is volunteering; I'll help out with blog chores/admin if you like. Also want to think about linking to other www2004 things such as IRC, community sites.
WWW2004 image db meet agenda item: data description
libby: <GregElin>: It would be nice to know what YEAR/conference the photo was from. And who to contact about it.
libby: libby/danbri/nick/steve to work on an account of the data we'd want. it may not need a new schema at all.
libby: jim/nick/steve focus first on conference data would need
Jhendler: What I will do is cull from a few ontologies and try to put together a fairly generic event ontology with some richness in the conference field
Jhendler: then anyone who wants to link/extend can do so -- that's what RDF/OWL is all about
nmg: likewise from Soton, then compare/merge for a 'best of breed'
libby: <GregElin>Executive decision: just photos through 2004 conference. After conference, we can tackle video formally. Until then, anyone who wants to pursue video in parallel is encouraged to do so, but video won't be part of initial core through May 2004.
agenda item: best guess of what we'll do in January
libby: timeline going on wiki, also actions
meeting about WWW2004 image database
libby: attending libby miller
Jhendler: Jim Hendler for Univ of Md MIND Lab
GregElin: attending Greg Elin
nmg: attending Nick Gibbins
bwm-: attending bwm (Brian McBride)
swh: attending swh Steve Harris
libby: possible next meet, 2004-01-06, 15:00 GMT
libby: see discussion
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