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last updated at 2003-12-06 21:47
dajobe-lap: N3 BNF
dajobe-lap: see discussion
danbri: "PonG is a generic platform which utilizes opml to build xmlrpc services."
danbri: "Distributed Address Book List (DABL) (which runs ontop of PonG) allows you and your friends to keep up-to-date (contact) information of each another. Your friends will use their PonG clients to communicate with your DABL server and keep their address book up-to-date. PonG also generates FOAF from the info about you and also your contacts."
danbri: Interesting, but not clear how such tools get to 'viral' stage; if my friends aren't using PonG (they're currently mostly not), is it still useful?
danbri: Written in PHP4.
danbri: See James Seng's blog for more context/background (rss feed).
danbri: via I can't figure out what exactly it does, but the system seems to use FOAF, trackback, RSS, to provide some kind of web based feed reader. I think.
danbri: Documentation is in Japanese. Translation clues welcomed!
danbri: Here's a babelfish translation.
danbri: More translation of Wiki content (into English). I understand more, but not the trackback/federation aspects yet.
danbri: OK I have it running locally now, Perl tar.gz linked from wiki. There's CGIs, but by editing site.rdf in the distro and running rna-load.cgi on commandline, you can generate a local HTML index.html aggregating from RSS feeds. Worked out of the box, to that extent.
kota: RNA is an RSS-based "web antenna," whick checks the updates of websites. You can create your own antenna w/ this. The advantage of web antennas is that you can add not only RSS feeds but also your favorite websites.
kota: RNA 1.8 has some FOAF management system. You can create your FOAF with this (it is like FOAF-a-matic).
kota: One interesting feature is "FOAF Trackback." I think this is like an automatic FOAF linking. So if there are 2 persons who trackback his/her FOAF each other, RNA adds those person's FOAF into the other one (adding foaf:knows automatically).
danbri: thanks kota :)
danbri: The foaf trackback thing reminds me of Six Apart's typepad FOAF machinery, which extracts from your friend's FOAF files into yours and seeAlso's theirs.
longer-lasting chump items
DanC: maybe if 5 people endorse that an item should stay for a week, chump should do that
danbri: Wondering if anyone else from #rdfig is attending?
danbri: People I expect to see there: danbri, eric p., dan connolly, norm walsh, edd dumbill...
DanC: chump RFE: keep items like this around for a week
danbri: We could pull the content over into the wiki, and just re-chump a pointer to that? "XML2003PathCross" ?
DanC: if you're interested by can't be there, maybe somebody can do you the favor of ConnectingAudiences
DanC: after rebates, of course
DanC: my favorite WearableGizmo
DanC: my birthday is tuesday; buy one for yourself and send me an amazon affiliate kick-back as a gift!
DanC: various terms and conditions apply: $35 activation fee, maybe a 1-year contract, etc.
DanC: but I'm confident you'll like the thing for a year.
DanC: if you're feeling generous, take a look at my amazon wishlist. one click ordering! ;-)
DanC: cross-posted to advogato diary
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