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last updated at 2003-12-03 21:01
DanC: by Peter Aitken
DanC: I just got a copy from Wiley, the publisher; I'm not sure why.
DanC: cover blurb buzzword: InfoPath
jhendler: Mondeca discusses Sem Web and relation to RDF/OWL
jhendler: recommends use of RDF/OWL for the semantic underlying of TMs
karlcow: New Scientist - 28 November 2003 - Will Knight
karlcow: Abstract: "A project to create a comprehensive graphical representation of the internet in just one day and using only a single computer has already produced some eye-catching images. "
karlcow: Opte Project Higher Res data
karlcow: A 2048x2048 file
Anyone interested in a scheduled chat on connecting RDF Java APIs?
dajobe: this might be nice to organise on #rdfig soon. Signup if you'd like to attend.
logger: See discussion
AndyS: The original email was more about being able to link Sesame and Jena together (not so much common APIs).
AndyS: e.g. Jena app, with Sesame as an inferencing store (may be local, may be remote - several possibilities)
AndyS: Common APIs (allowing application portability) is good but different.
dajobe: I think andrew (newman) was suggesting that there are problems connecting the apis. I was asking him for detail.
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