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last updated at 2003-12-02 21:37
timbl: Adding an extra dimension to RDF :-)
sbp: Great!
dajobe: from sesame RDF store to web pages using Prolog and XSL
dajobe: #20 XPath/XQuery query over an RDF graph
dajobe: alberto (@semantics, RDQL, editor of that page) said on QL work: "it would be best to concentrate on the basics - conjunctive queries, constraints and context or provenance."
dajobe: later on he said xpath can fit on rdql which I missed at the time
sbp: "It has a queryable store, many utilities, and is small and minimally interdependent. It can do graph isomorphism testing, rule application, etc."
sbp: Released under GPL 2, mainly built as an API for testing out some ideas and building some RDF applications on top of
sbp: Beta, an early release just so that people can try it out, since I've had a few requests by email for source (mainly with respect to RDFe, the editor thing, which should be linked from the Pyrple homepage)
sbp: Links, perhaps more importantly, to the RDFe schema aware RDF editor source code too
dajobe: also includes notes from the RDF query sessions recording issues, some use cases, ideas
dajobe: sessions of the Workshop on Semantic Web Storage and Retrieval. nearly finished transcribing, phew!
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