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last updated at 2003-11-11 23:06
DanCon: printed this for the plane... caching it with wwwoffle now...
DanCon: hope to look at this from a formal modelling and diagramming viewpoint
DanC_jam: gotta take a look at changes too
mattb: 7mb of gzipped n-triples
mattb: 405822 triples gathered by my new soon-to-be-released python-based scutter a few days ago
mattb: smushed on foaf:mbox, foaf:mbox_sha1sum and foaf:homepage
danbri: re Third-party rating: "enable multiple, independent labeling services to associate additional labels with content created and distributed by others. Services may devise their own labeling systems, and the same content may receive different labels from different services."
danbri: Global ontology, what global ontology? The multiple labeling systems aspect is crucial to PICS, and to RDF.
danbri: Consider the requirements for digital rights description from perspective of rights holders, publishers; librarians, search engines. Getting a 1 size fits all schema is v hard. RDF allows them to all play together within a consistent framework.
JHendler: Supports RDFS and OWL
JHendler: "Examples of potential application candidates of this technology include Contextual Collaboration, Semantic Match Making for Web services, and Policy-Based Autonomic MPEG-4 System...""
f8dy: mentions problem of transforming between vocabularies that share semantics but not syntax
JHendler: we should thank him -- he's raising awareness of the SW, and his arguments are so easily defeated that I don't think they'll stop anyone from exploring SW
JHendler: one of my old advisors used to say the only thing better than a strong advocate is a weak critic
danbri: "Semantic Web technologies in Mozilla"
danbri: Now with link to MozillaRdf topic in ESW wiki.
danbri: New intro blurb, "Mozilla RDF was originally used to support the Aurora/Sidebar user interface and SmartBrowsing metadata services. It's main use in Mozilla now is as a common data model and API for use in XUL-based applications."
danbri: Suggestions welcomed (via wiki or here).
danbri: "See the MozillaRdf entry in the ESW wiki for developer-supplied documentation and notes."
dajobe: there are some mozilla rdf bugs worth linking to somewhere.
dajobe: not rdf, ah well
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