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last updated at 2003-11-08 16:57
danbri: by KANZAKI, Masahide a.k.a. masaka
libby: see also his rdfical-a-matic for generating RDFiCal
libby: Qs: how do I link to an icalendar file from a foaf file; how do I say I'm an attendee of all the events in an rdfical file
libby: Q: what calendar application should I use
libby: for seealsos, maybe use <rdfs:seeAlso><rdf:Description rdf:about="myical.ics" dc:format="text/calendar"/></rdfs:seeAlso> (danbri's suggestion, makes sense to me)
libby: also some ideas about how to link foaf, rdfical, geo
libby: todo: email gary federick to see if we can fix the mozilla output to rdf; fix ical2rdf java (and .pl?) to export a couple of foaf props optionally; start a wiki best practice page on using rdfical with foaf
danbri: Eek, I hadn't noticed TimBL's use of "devastatingly powerful" in SW roadmap. Somewhat unfortunate wording given the DARPA connection.
dajobe: he lost me at 'philosophy'. after that I got bored
danbri: I don't find it a bad piece, though it equates SW with the rules aspect of SW, which is a mistake. But he's not alone in that.
danbri: Ok, I'm into the harsh bit now. Yeah so sbp and sandro's docs could be polished, but he (a) takes Sandro's piece as being 'from w3c's site' despite Sandro's inline disclaimer; (b) is irrelevantly patronising re/ the 'human face' reading of sbp's checksum walkthru.
danbri: Friendster/friend etc mention is interesting. He neglects to mention FOAF, though must have heard of it and know the RDF connection. FOAF doesn't define foaf:friend for the reasons he gives. We instead describe the evidence that friendship leaves in the world; photos, collaborations, records...
shellac: Quote: "Each of those statements is true, in other words, but each is true in a different way"
shellac: Hmm. /me taught logic and tuts with authority.
sbp: I feel like an upstart crow
sandro: How absurd. How totally ridiculous. Blah.
danbri: So, when RDF lets you deduce simple useful things, eg. so you can run queries like 'find me photos of the author of this weblog' against a merged dataset, we're dismissed at trivial/boring. Meanwhile he beats up on SW for alleged bluesky goals. But plenty of us want the simple stuff first.
danbri: See feedster coverage (currently, by search on 'semantic web').
danbri: I've commented further via danja's weblog.
sandro: My high-level reply....
danbri: See also Shirky's posting to his nec list introducing the essay.
danbri: Announced to public-webont-comments Nov 6th.
danbri: Also discussion on www-rdf-rules (a list which is getting interesting lately).
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