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last updated at 2003-10-22 19:02
mortenf: which is the way i've been thinking of it as well
mortenf: contrast with shellac's esquish (tgz)
libby: see also some #foaf chatting on this subject
Infrastructure for Web Explanations
DanC_RSW: Deborah L. McGuinness and Paulo Pinheiro da Silva
DanC_RSW: "systems need to be able to explain their answers if they are to be trusted and reused". this is pretty close to the SemanticWebBus hypothesis
DanC_RSW: this work is more focussed on explanation to users than mechanical proof-checking, so it synergizes with and complements my interests.
DanC_RSW: see also ProofChecking
DanC_RSW: I saw a related poster... made some notes on Static-provenance poster
Interoperability Among XML Data
DanC_RSW: Laks V.S. Lakshmanan and Fereidoon Sadri
DanC_RSW: "... then we need URIs..."
DanC_RSW: hmm... prolog syntax mixed with xpath on "Example Cont'd" slide
DanC_RSW: "URI generating function"
DanC_RSW: hmm... skolem function?
DanC_RSW: p 146 in the dead-trees ISWC 2003 proceedings
DanC_RSW: p 146 in the urn:isbn:3-540-20362-1
Web ontology language requirements w.r.t expressiveness of taxononomy and axioms in medecine
DanC_RSW: by Christine Golbreich and Olivier Dameron, Bernard Gibaud and Anita Burgun
DanC_RSW: presented by Christine Golbreich
DanC_RSW: "Web Ontology Languages meet expected requirements?"
DanC_RSW: evaluating Protoge, DAML+OIL w.r.t Brain Cortex Anatomy Ontology
DanC_RSW: "maximum expressiveness required". "OWL-DL is not enough". "main limitation is lack of rules"
DanC_RSW: "we'd like a hybrid similar to CARIN-ALN or TRIPLE"
DanC_RSW: "... integrating a subset of OWL with rules and where queries reforumulation is decideable"
DanC_RSW: "need parameterization for reuse"
C-OWL: Contextualizing Ontologies
DanC_RSW: by Paolo Bouquet, Fausto Giunchiglia, Frank van Harmelen, Luciano Serafini and Heiner Stuckenschmidt
DanC_RSW: "An ontology is built to be shared"
DanC_RSW: "A context is built to be kept local"
DanC_RSW: p . 164 in the dead-trees ISWC 2003 proceedings
DanC_RSW: hmm... skimming the paper, it proposes a semantics based on SHIQ. Too constrained for my tastes.
DanC_RSW: lively Q/A
DanC_RSW: Sanibel Island, FL, USA
DanC_RSW: hmm... RDF/iCAL version of the program
DanC_RSW: note friggin proceedings aren't available to the web community
DanC_RSW: see also chat notes
DanC_RSW: these notes are offered in an attempt at ConnectingAudiences
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