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last updated at 2003-09-23 23:26
karlcow: I don't know if it works, corrects or needs something else
DanC_jam: how about some tests?
sbp: hacking on an N-Triples++ or an N3--; goals are to be isomorphic with RDF/XML and N-Triples (should be able to round-trip), and generally create a scribblable RDF notation without the added logic features of N3
sbp: based on comments on www-rdf-interest and #rdfig
DanC_jam: hmm... headings in wiki topics rub me the wrong way
karlcow: I need trigonometry features.
karlcow: the distance computing of Sean for Longitude and Latitude is not exact
karlcow: For example a possible formula for distance on a sphere
karlcow: It doesn't matter for local distances, but it matters for international distances.
DanCon: by ARTEMOV
DanCon: "explicit provability shows the way of circumventing the restrictions imposed on formal systems by the Goedel incompleteness theorem. In particular, explicit provability provides a tool of increasing the efficiency of a formal system by verified rules without explosion of the metamathematical level of the system."
DanCon: thx Pat Hayes for googling this up, in response to a question about a modal "proveable" operator
DanCon: wow... this is really cool (section 4.2, page 9 of the 1998 paper)
JimH_: foo, I cannot seem to find a Mac plugin
karlcow: RealPlayer for OSX
karlcow: Tim's slides for the talk
JimH_: must have the most up to date realoneplayer, then it works okay
sethl_lap: From the article...
sethl_lap: Gray basicly point is that it's far cheaper to vend high-level apis than give access to the data (because the cost of shipping large amounts of data around is prohibitive). Since the semantic web is basically a data web, one wonders: why doesn't Gray's argument apply?
mdupont: He says ""the only feasible programming model is to gather data into a central location"", I disagree. The idea of intelligent agents that do things dynamically that would be otherwise hardcoded (like linking) are needed and possible. The semantic web will be built (IMHO) out of distributed, small, fast and powerful inference agents.
sandro_: and what ever happened to mobile code, mobile rules, mobile logic, ....?
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