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last updated at 2003-09-22 22:31
mhgrove: New test results from the Pellet project
bijan: So, there are now more than two syntax validator implemenations passing all the tests, and at least one was done by neither the S&AS editor, nor Sean :)
bijan: Includes, the "at risk" syntax sharing stuff, which now seems much less at risk.
bijan: Code will be in our Subversion repository as soon as our server recovers from the 'cane Izzy.
formalizing webarch
DanC: e.g. orchard's UML diagram
DanC: an my notes on UML/RDF foo
DanC: fired up dia and started a transcription
DanC: built a quick-n-dirty Makefile and generated rdf version
DanC: let's look at the index of the 18Sep webarch draft
DanC: problem report about 1st sentence of intro
dajobe: there is just so much wrong with this page, both content and presentation
dajobe: this ISWC (wearable computing) is likely more interesting
dajobe: look, a readable program
danbri: From the forgetting and repeating history department...
danbri: I'm hoping to spend more time on this during rest of 2003...
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