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last updated at 2003-09-15 22:10
danbri: "Among a Webmaster's biggest challenges are keeping content fresh and advertising what's new. The RSS specification for syndicating content is a way to meet both needs. Content providers create RSS versions of their news stories and register the RSS files with news aggregators."
danbri: Or see printer friendly copy for all-in-one-page, fewer ads etc.
danbri: On the RSS disputes...
danbri: "RSS without RDF can be used for just one thing: news syndication. RSS with RDF opens the door to the Semantic Web, a developing technology for enabling machines to understand Web content so they can go out and do our bidding. RDF is a key component in the Semantic Web. XML by itself defines structure but not meaning; it makes information machine-readable but not machine-understandable."
danbri: "In the end, content providers will decide which spec will become the standard for syndication. If you're already using a non-RDF version of RSS, there's no pressing need to switch. But if you're looking at RSS for the first time, Version 1.0 is the better choice, it's likely to give you far more options in the future."
karlcow: Interact with your information in a visual fashion! Drag in your documents from other applications, then add notes and links to build up a map that describes structure and relationships.
danbri: I'm trying to figure out how much munging I can do in SQL vs using Perl/Ruby/Python, eg. projecting a schema where these attributes appear into a fully RDF-happy SQL VIEW instead.
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