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last updated at 2003-09-10 20:10
sbp: via. Dave Beckett on www-rdf-interest
sbp: It's an XML mode for GNU Emacs that uses RELAX NG to do error checking. So you can use it as an RDF/XML authoring tool
sbp: Quoth Dave: "As soon as you put an rdf:about or rdf:resource in the wrong place, it gets underlined. Mistakes in using property attributes and rdf: attributes are similiarly flagged."
dajobe: so it was worth keeping maintaining that RNG :)
libby: pushed down to the bottom of the page because of the calendar meeting, sorry
libby: RDFPath in Saxon. try it using the online demo
Wack: Brilliant! I'm going to make a python version of it to replace our rickety rdf templating language if there's xslt processors that support extensions in python!
RDF calendar meet agenda item I: ACTION libby: add a couple schemas under cal/prod
libby: see action libby
libby: continues
RDF calendar meet agenda item H: ACTION libby look at skical optimeset and report back
libby: see action
libby: continues
RDF calendar agenda item G: InterpretationProperties, esp as applied to timezones
libby: see action
libby: and last meeting's discussion
libby: RESOLVED:To note the issue with InterpretationProperties as discussed last time, but to keep the status quo
libby: ACTION libbt email www-rdf-calendar about this decision
RDF calendar meet agenda item F: xproperties and their usefulness or otherwise
libby: see C's action on roundtripping
RDF calendar agenda item E: documentation
mortenf: seealso RdfCalendarDocumentation
libby: note: danbri suggested that quoting huge bits of the RFC might be an issue, should ask.
libby: mortenf and libby think this would be a nice way to summarise the work donein this area
libby: ACTION libby email the list to try to get some sort of W3C opion and ideas about how to proceed
RDF calendar meet agenda item D: winding down the calendar chats?
libby: RESOLVED: not to have any more IRC chats until there's more to talk about
RDF calendar meet, agenda item C: roundtripping
mortenf: see Mortenf's action; progress
libby: related: George Huo's work
libby: ACTION libby email mortenf and ghuo to initiate onlist discussion on resolving differences of approach
mortenf: see RDF calendar workspace
libby: libby miller attending
mortenf: Morten attending
shellac: Has lang support now, few other bits and pieces added
shellac: And (no doubt) more bugs
shellac: Source code included.
shellac: The playground has been updated as well
shellac: Next step will be XQuery
libby: I think this is potentially an extremely useful tool
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