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last updated at 2003-09-03 21:21
dngor: State machine compiler. Uses a variant of Libero's state machine language. Generates Perl source for POE, using templates. A subsequent version (never completed) includes facilities for generating machines in other languages, and for importing high-level object definitions.
libby: pictures from the Rijksmuseum, described in RDF
libby: interface is a bit confusing, but if you go with the defaults you get lots of pictures of paintings of beaches
libby: paper from Hypertext 03: Finding the Story - Broader Applicability of Semantics and Discourse for Hypermedia Generation
libby: sorry about that
DanC: (1) file stuff by date
DanC: (2) stick to simple formats: XHTML, RFC822, CVS
DanC: (3) use RDF to make and model connections
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