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last updated at 2003-08-29 20:53
DanC: 28 Sep - 2 Oct 2003 in Seattle, WA, USA
DanC: "August 28, 2003 is the deadline for making reservations at the DC-2003 Conference hotel (Seattle Marriot Waterfront) at the discount rate."
DanC: sigh... another page with the little-teenie-font disease, not to mention the critical-text-locked-up-in-an-image disease
sbp: could've been worse: at least they used @alt
Wack: The Naked Objects Framework is a software framework that makes it easy to design and build business systems using the naked objects approach. Using the framework, a new business application is defined solely in terms of the business domain objects such as Customer, Product and Order. All the required business functionality is specified as behaviours (methods) on those objects.
Wack: Looks like a generic approach to editing objects based on class information; strikingly similar to the schema/ontology based CMS we're planning to build.
Wack: It will autogenerate GUI forms from schemas and some optional hints in those schemas to improve said GUI.
Wack: Since the CMS will be either webbased (python webserver module) or a wxpython application, it should be possible to add something like those business methods as well by adding 'methods' to schema classes as literals containing python code which will be executed in a sandbox and the rdf context it is called in.
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