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last updated at 2003-08-28 22:06
danbri: Cites Paul Miller's recommendation to "Use the RSS 1.0 specification because of its greater flexibility."
danbri: +1 :)
mortenf: Probably the best introduction++ to RSS I've seen
WillWare: Chump is the tool that lets you label URLs so they're not in-your-face.
GNUWookiee: This is cwm converted into parrot assembler
GNUWookiee: 365k of text
GNUWookiee: This is not running code
GNUWookiee: And dones not contain all the other modules, just
GNUWookiee: Needs my pirate patch PATCH
WillWare: Here's where to find instructions for anonymous CVS access for cwm, in the "Source" section.
WillWare: This is a very readable intro to the semweb that appears in cwm's doc/ directory.
dajobe: see A:, and B: for a counter argument
DanC: cool; where did you find this?
dajobe: it was linked from Cat?gorie Web S?mantique which was in my referer logs for my list of Semantic Weblogs
emacs modes for XML, XHTML
DanC: I hear tim bray has something quick+dirty. no psgml-mode, no DTD foo, please.
DanC: Eric Miller has nice tidy+emacs integration. I think he mailed me the details, but I can never find them when I need them. I'd like them in google-space somewhere.
What filename should I use for my RDF data/schema/ontology?
DanC: bonus points for writing up best practices (link to file_foo; store as file_foo.rdf; content-type:application/rdf+xml apache config etc.)
DanC: ... in the ESW wiki
DanC: cf recent OWL Guide Note? thread
DanC: see also: ContentNegotationWorryPile (a WantedPage, I believe)
DanC: also touch on caching. (cf remark on caching at ExML 2003 during Mary's talk)
DanC: XML Catalogs are fine web caching mechanisms. Just use URIs, not FPIs, as keys.
DanC: see also wwwoffle
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