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last updated at 2003-08-27 21:12
JibberJim: A University of Helsinki software project that seems to be creating an Image Annotator with RDF/SVG.
Gerald's show'n'tell
danbri_dna: see irc transcript.
danbri_dna: RDF for self-describing images
danbri_dna: writeup of RDF inside PNG experiments using Dave Beckett's pngmeta library
danbri_dna: Jim's show'n'tell (SVG image annotation)
JibberJim: Creates RDF which can later be crawled by Libby's codepiction and image search widgy. Also there are lots of SVG clients I did such as SVG Image description and Wordnet Search (beer in this case).
JibberJim: For those of you without SVG - Annotator screenshot and Image Description screenshot.
JibberJim: General idea is that you can draw regions of the photo within the page, like Fotonotes but not limited to rectangles, and then attach a wordnet class, a description, and if it's a Person a name and mbox_sha1sum of them.
danbri_dna: A bit like HTML imagemaps, but cooler cos you get to say what the bit of the image depicts...
danbri_dna: (charles and me having the original vision ;)
danbri_dna: Related writeup: co-depiction, foaf etc and work w/ charles on doing this in Amaya, w3c's browser.
JibberJim: Nadia Heninger did a new version of RDFPic, but I don't know where it is, the RDF it produced was compatible with mine.
danbri_dna: I'll chase that up w/ Bert... I know he was working on it lately.
danbri_dna: See also experiments with generating same markup via HTML Imagemap authoring tools.
danbri_dna: See also a PICS-NG demo I built using Jim's tools.
Joshua's show'n'tell
danbri_dna: see irc transcript
bptheo's show'n'tell
danbri_dna: See irc transcript
mattb show'n'tell
mattb: my slides and demos
danbri_dna: See IRC transcript
greg show and tell
danbri_dna: See IRC transcript.
libby show and tell
danbri_dna: See js cataloguing ui
danbri_dna: And irc transcript
danbri show'n'tell
danbri_dna: Mostly tell...
danbri_dna: See why wordnet is cool in foaf wiki
danbri_dna: More info on my wordnet rdf vocab.
danbri_dna: 45 mins of 'show and tell' divided amongst anyone who wants to give a brief tour of their work, ideas, tools etc.
danbri_dna: then 15 mins of discussion
danbri_dna: Transcribing list of show'n'tellers from the Wiki:
danbri_dna: DanBri (very brief item on wordnet)
danbri_dna: Libby Miller
danbri_dna: Greg Elin
danbri_dna: Matt Biddulph
danbri_dna: bptheo/Brian on NewsML/reuters
danbri_dna: Joshua on GeoURL
danbri_dna: Jim Ley
danbri_dna: Gerald
danbri_dna: Here, now(ish; 2.30UTC), for 1hr.
danbri_dna: Timezone conversions: 2003-08-27 2.30UTC.
danbri_dna: Basic idea is show'n'tell for folk building image metadata apps, esp. w.r.t RDF+SVG
danbri_dna: See ImageDescription in the ESW Wiki for more context, link to prev chat logs (re Exim) and draft agenda.
danbri_dna: Agenda summary: 45 mins of show/tell, 15 mins discussion and followup.
nmg: an examination of the promises made about the SW in the research literature - slightly critical of the SW in places
danbri: Walks through some sample FOAF-handling code with Drive, a C# RDF parser + API.
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