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last updated at 2003-08-26 22:36
DanC: this is not one of the glowing reviews...
DanC: see "Kernel Interactivity and Responsiveness" section in The Wonderful World of Linux 2.6
DanC: or the slashdot article: Significant Interactivity Boost in Linux Kernel
GNUWookie: This ontology is extract out of the c header of the treecc program
GNUWookie: It will allow the RDF markup of the instances of the compiler objects defined using the treecc language
GNUWookie: In that sense, it is a meta-meta-model
GNUWookie: The treecc grammer for a language is a form of a meta-model of that language
GNUWookie: The supporting files are also here :
GNUWookie: This file input contains many enum values that will be used to mark various nodes, they will become owl:Classes on thier own right.
GNUWookie: This file Parser contains support properties about the results of the parser
GNUWookie: eg : treecc-parse:TreeCCParse will have the owl:Domain of a TreeCCDocument and the owl:Range of a TreeCCIntrospected file
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