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last updated at 2003-08-19 23:13
There is a calendar meet tomorrow - my email doesn't seem to be coming through
sandro: Wow... From there I didn't realize Welchia is patching systems to protect them against itself and Blaster. Very interesting.
DanC: kinda handy today, as Sobig.F is running rampant.
jimH: press release
jimH: article
jimH: XML Coverpages article
danbri: See also FOAF weblog entry highlighting FOAF's use of OWL.
danbri: Nearby, Feedster search on OWL and W3C.
jimH: ComputerWorld
danbri: Looks to have had some changes since I last looked. Anyone tested it recently?
shellac: A very pre-alpha attempt at dynamically treeifying an rdf graph
mortenf: Looks interesting, although tied to Saxon and Jena...
shellac: You can look at test.xsl to see how moving around and RDF graph might work in XPath/XSLT
danbri: Which version of saxon do you need/recommend? (or have it tested with?)
shellac: 6.5.3 - also jena2 b1
libby: I think this might be a way to get xml people using RDF - by shielding them from the syntax completely
shellac: Hopefully it will feel like an 'ideal' XML serialisation of RDF
shellac: It isn't very efficient. I might try converting XPaths to Squish queries.
libby: such a mapping - maybe just to see what you could do - woudl be dead handy
shellac: If you don't want to try it (dependencies are quite heavy) just look at test.xsl and test_out.html
shellac: RDFTwig related, and source helped show me how easy saxon extensions are.
shellac: Tiny introduction
ekrsulov: Living Semantic Web
GNUWookie: This is a working prototype
GNUWookie: see also the n3 format version here
GNUWookie: Added more c++ semantics, thanks to jql aka ashely winters
jimH: about 17000 classes, close to 500k triples
WillWare: Making the Impossible Very Difficult
jimH: Alan Rector, Univ of Manchester
jimH: WillWare was asking about medicine and ontologies
jimH: this article helps answer his question
jimH: although more in the refs than in the text.
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