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last updated at 2003-08-17 22:18
zool: doodles towards annotating media content in space, telling stories in packets, from karosta in latvia
zool: rdf spatial modelling, location awareness, check
sbp: Useful in the context of the Atom Problem. Also: ExtensibilityFramework, which is basically an alternate serialization of RDF in XML
danbri: Using SOAP Encoding as a way of mapping Atom feeds into RDF graphs. --danbri and --maxf
JonB: soap->rdf is another example of the general pattern of using XSLT to transform arbitrary XML into RDF/triples
danbri: Or semi-arbitrary. SOAP has a bunch of rules...
JonB: yes, I've been thinking about an RDF vocabulary that would declare a set of "rules" for such transforms
JonB: where the subjects of such triples would be XPaths/URIs
danbri: TAP is yet another RDF vocabulary whose URI ends in '/'
danbri: In response to claims on FOAF list that citing RDF documents with it was an abuse.
danbri: Feedback welcomed. I intent to link it from the FAQ pages...
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