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last updated at 2003-08-15 14:58
libby: An experimental (and simple) RDF document/schema checker I've been working on
libby: should work for any RDF schema/document, not just foaf ones
libby: some more info about it
sbp: Mainly internal: lots of updates surrounding list handling, including updated URIs; a new --data option; restructuring of llyn
sbp: The log:forAll and log:forSome pseudo-properties are also gone (TimBL: "they had it coming"), but again only internally. There is no N3 syntax change at the moment, and when @forAll and @forSome are introduced, the pseudo-properties will still be available for backwards-compatibility (perhaps with a deprecation warning at some point?)
danbri: A lot more documented than ever before. Still rough around edges, but imho puts things on a better footing.
danbri: Feedback welcomed (to
danbri: Note that this is also a use-case for RDF-in-XHTML (it is a namespace doc, and embeds RDFS/OWL inside XHTML, and hence doesn't validate).
sbp: On the RDF-in-XHTML note, is there a specific reason why the RDF is embedded and not linked; rationale, requirements, etc.
sbp: Generally, nice that there's more documentation in there, though it's getting to the point where lots of summaries and ways of viewing the schema would be good too; different people, different needs
danbri: Yup. Currently there's a hand-coded overview which clusters terms into rough areas, plus a-z. Wondering if other indexes can be usefully machine generated. Certainly by status.
danbri: See also FoafAxioms fodder for 'rules at namespace' explorations. Trying to catch the bits of definition that can be done in N3 but not RDFS/OWL.
sbp: Are all the pieces used in the document available as standalones?
tim-mit_: And, of course, it needs a version which uses a # in the namespace so we can start to sue it seriously.
danbri: TimBL, I'll happily do that the day we decide to really make that switch, and do Dublin Core, RSS1, Adobe XMP at same time. Since FOAF always encourages those and other namespaces to be mixed in.
danbri: You know how many XMP documents (PDFs etc) there are, right? 10s of millions. Think thrice before obsoleting them...
tim-mit_: So we need to talk transition strategy.
danbri: Well, you gotta win the argument first. I'm ok w/ losing the argument, and spending some time working out what we'll need to do if you win the argument.
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