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last updated at 2003-08-14 20:35
danbri: "The W3C Multimodal Interaction working group aims to develop specifications to enable access to the Web using multi-modal interaction. This document is part of a set of specifications for multi-modal systems, and provides details of an XML markup language for describing the interpretation of user input. Examples of interpretation of user input are a transcription into words of a raw signal, for instance derived from a speech
danbri: "...or pen input, a set of attribute/value pairs describing their meaning, or a set of attribute/value pairs describing a gesture. The interpretation of the user's input is expected to be generated by signal interpretation processes, such as speech and ink recognition, semantic interpreters, and other types of processors for use by components that act on the user's inputs such as interaction managers."
danbri: If anyone finds time to review their use of RDF, please cc: as I'm sure others will be interested...
danbri: I know a bit about this from talking with Max Froumentin, but haven't reviewed the spec yet.
dajobe: now with new braindump
dajobe: /me rests his typing fingers
danbri: A handy writeup, worth circulating to www-rdf-interest.
danbri: Could also mention that Guha's original MCF white paper has a context mechanism called 'layers' to achieve similar effect. Remains can also be seen in Mozilla 'data source' stacking, though the granularity of usage differs from this kind of per- triple src tagging.
danbri: About foafbot, redland, contexts...
jeen: some major performance improvements, an API revision, and a custom inferencer are among its cool features
jeen: and it now has support for in-memory RDF MT inferencing.
danbri: Nice work :)
danbri: One thing this got right was uniform use of href=
danbri: ...instead of resource= about about=
dajobe: wrong i feel, or at least people now use rdf:nodeID without knowing exactly if it is a property or node due to striping. Now striping was probably a wrong idea
danbri: Yup, there's a whole web of interdependencies re syntax features.
DanC: By Janice J. Heiss August 2003
DanC: perhaps there's hope for java on linux yet
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